If you want to have something different and refreshing for the summer, there are several examples of summer hair trends 2020 that you can imitate or take. You don’t have to spend extra money for the beauty treatment or do extravagant things to make yourself stylish or fashionable; simply try these styles can really improve your look.

The Soft Curls

Photo by Diogo Brandao

If you have natural curly or wavy hair, this soft curl style can really improve your look. Imitate the look from Taylor Swift to get clearer ideas. She looks carefree and fresh with her natural curls. You can also try having bangs or not. Swift likes to have side parts with her curls, but during formal occasions, she likes adding bangs to get drastic and different effects. She looks great and gorgeous in simple ways, which you can try at home. If you have natural straight hair, having curling iron should help. But don’t make the curls too much; you may not get the effect that you want.

The Messy Wave

Photo by Fezbot2000

You can imitate the styles from Drew Barrymore with her medium length or from Jessica Alba with her longer length. Basically they share the same style: the messy wave. Just like the soft curls, you can look carefree and fresh with these hairstyles 2020. In fact, you can look like a Bohemian princess – especially if you add headbands or other hair accessories. You can have no bangs or side part style. If you want to, you can add bangs, like the one Liv Tyler does. She certainly looks like a Bohemian princess with her look.

The Grunge

This style is suitable for you if you don’t really like styling it up. Simply part your hair into two and go out like that. You don’t even have to brush it or add hairspray to add volumes. Sometimes, the slicker it looks, the better it will be.