You may be confused of what kind of hair style or hair color that will be suitable for the 2020 trends. There are lots of options and choices available for you out there. You can also see the examples from the celebrities, if you need some kind of guidance to help you look better. If you want to look different and bold, the 2020 hair color trends are certainly the best options as everything will be bolder and braver than the 2019 trends.

Colorful Hair

Photo by Levin Anton

If you want to copy the style of Katy Perry or Nicky Minaj, you can see that those two celebrities are often creating such huge impact in the fashion trends. Perry has ever worn blue hair before, while Minaj is still wearing her pink hair color. If you are confident enough to look different and outstanding from afar, you can certainly try this style. Perry has also tried the rainbow colors, where she puts all kinds of colors into her hair in layered form so it will look like a rainbow from afar.

Photo by Ali Yahya

If you want to try the style, then go ahead. But if you are still unsure about it, you can still keep your natural color, and then try the dip style. Dip style means that you only color the edges of your hair. It won’t be too dramatic, yet you can still look unique and different. Apply the dip style on your bangs, your side part hair, and your back end.

The Unique and Uncommon Colors

Photo by Kareya Saleh

If you want to go totally different and bold, you can try the style of Kelly Osborne. She uses pale purple for her hair color. She has also tried pale white before. If you want to look daring and different, using unusual colors will do the trick. You can choose blue, green, pink, or purple. The style has been applied by several people joining the cosplay event. They usually imitate their favorite character from game or comic, including by wearing the same hair color with unusual colors. This new hair style is based on that idea, where you will be the center of attention. However, keep in mind, when you are doing this, it means you will have to bleach out your hair. You need to have the right hair treatment if you don’t want to damage or ruin your own hair.

The Warm Highlights

Photo by Paul Siewert

If you want to play safe, there are several ideas to choose. Mila Kunis has warm highlights that boost her appearance. She has natural dark brown hair, but then she adds several highlight streaks in golden brown and chocolate brown. The style may be simple, but it really improves her look. She looks fashionable and good without overdoing it.


If you want to have the perfect hair color, browse around for the photos of celebrities as examples. You can show them to your hair stylists so they know what to do or they may be able to suggest other styles that would compliment your overall look.