If you wonder what kind of prom hairstyles 2020 for long hair that can do wonders for complimenting your look, the answer might indefinite. There are a great number of prom hairstyles 2020 that might help you achieve the glamorous look when you have a little time to experiment and find out which one. Here are some tips that might help you.

Celeb Look Ideas

Photo by Davids Kokainis

There is nothing more beautiful and feminine compared to flowing curls. This hairstyle is apparently becomes one of the prom hairstyles 2020 trends. Flowing curls are not only preferred by commoners who want to have a fabulous look but also celebrities. Celebs usually use lengthy and curly hairstyles to achieve a glamorous look. Dakota Fanning for example, she uses simple locks with center-parted style to achieve pretty casual look. Jennifer Aniston flatters her style with a small elegant braid near her forehead. This hairstyle not only helps her achieve a romantic look but also a girly touch to her straight hairstyle. Anne Hathaway chooses to have a formal yet elegant look by using lustrous, looped chignon is sophisticated. It is classy and simply perfect.

Retro Look

Photo by Ali Pazani

Thick and glossy curls can also give you an old Hollywood glamour look like Veronica Lake. Amanda Seyfried once used this retro look. However, how do you get this type of hairstyle? You can simply blow-dry your hair. Then you need to start curling your hair halfway down your head using a big barrel of curling iron. Additionally, you can use a round brush to twist the front pieces together in order to get a big, strapping spiral in front. Use some shine serum to add extra gloss finish.

Long hair is indeed gorgeous all the time. Do not hesitate to find something different to get you stand out in the crowd. Playing with the natural texture of your hair is a great idea.