Just like the clothing fashion, the hairstyles are always repeating itself. The sleek and wavy textures that were very popular around the 50s are making come back today. So is the short pixie style introduced by Twiggy in the 60s that is now made popular by Emma Watson or Michelle Williams. The new hairstyles 2020 will be repeating what’s popular in the past, of course with several changes and modifications so the overall look will be modern and more sophisticated. What’s new for the 2020 trend?

Photo by Allie

The French Twist

The new French Twist style shown during Oscar de la Renta’s fashion show is very simple yet able to attract attention from the guests. You can certainly wear this particular hair-do during office hour or during special occasions. Of course, you are not advised to use dramatic and bold colors and highlights for daily fashion – let’s stick to the simplicity, shall we? But if you want to look classic and stylish at the same time, the French Twist can certainly deliver the style you want. Adding highlights can add interesting aspect to your hair.

Photo by Brittany Colpitts

The Braids

Braided hair has never really gone out of style. you can braid your ponytails so can have this sexy Lara Croft’s style, ready for challenges or adventures – around the work place, of course. You can also have simple braids starting from the nape of your neck, in case you don’t really like your hair hanging lose around your face. The braid will show off your facial features, so it would be great to highlight your facial structure. However, if you have something to hide on your face – pimples or zits – you may want to stay away from the braids for a while.

Photo by Gift Habeshaw

Edgier braids can make you look stunning and unique. For example, you can braid one side of your front side hair – either left or right – and then twirls it around your forehead to the back. You will look like wearing a headband – from your own hair. This style is suitable for special event or casual corporate meetings.

The Bird’s Nest Bun

As the name suggest, you will make the bun on the top of your head. It is basically just the same as the regular bun, only located on the top of your head. The buns can go from small to big, depending on the length of your hair. But if you have small facial structure with small head – and long hair – avoid such style because the bun will be big and not suitable with your head proportion.

Photo by Janeth Emiret

The Messy Style

The style was shown during Badgley Mischka and Antonio Berardi’s fashion show. You can twist and twirl your hair on the nape of your neck, but you don’t’ have to do it neatly. If several strands of hair fall to the side ways of your face, then leave it. That’s the idea of having messy hair-do, anyway! Creating such messy style isn’t difficult either. You won’t need to use brush or hair dryer when drying your hair. Simply run your fingers along your hair and let it dry naturally.