The long layered hairstyles are basically popular over the years. With the existing hair trend, this kind of hair-do remains likeable because of the simplicity and flexibility. The wearers can have long hair with little bit of styling on the side to make it less boring and plain. Who says it requires sophisticated and grandeur work to look chic and stylish?

Photo by Soroush Karimi

The long straight layered hairstyles can be incorporated by those with very straight hair-do. This kind of layering will deliver smooth and soft effect to the overall touch.

The long choppy layered hairstyles worn by Jennifer Anniston is suitable for those with fine texture. this choppy cut will make the overall hair thicker.

Nina Dobrev sets up great example of long curly layered hairstyles where the curls will add up the nice texture of the hair. With side hair parting, this style is simple and yet smashing.

The long length layered hairstyles can be done for those with straight texture. add the layers in rather extreme cut – some are long and some are short – to deliver unique look.

Photo by Jana Niggeloh

Shakira wears great looking long wavy layered hairstyles. This hair-do is perfect for those with natural wavy or curly texture. the curls will add the playful and girly effect.

Gwen Steffani is looking great with the long bob layered hairstyles. The bob hair-do looks elegant and different with all the layering done to the sides

Those with fine texture can always style up their hair with the long layered hairstyles for fine hair. The fine and soft texture will look more sophisticated with the layered style

Photo by Rana Sawalha

Long layered hairstyles for black hair can soften the overall texture of the hair. After all, African American hair texture is sometimes tricky with coarse look. but with layers, the look can be softened and look great.

Long layered hairstyles for naturally curly hair can be implemented to achieve softer looks. The layers will soften the overall appearance and boost the look in stylish way.

Long layered hairstyles for weddings can be achieved by cutting the hair in layers and then make them curly. It will make the bride looks sophisticated and gorgeous, and it is far from being plain.

Photo by Valerie Elash

Those with thick hair can make use of the long layered hairstyles for thick hair. It will soften the overall look. The layers will reduce the bushy affect of the thick hair texture.