To look great, using styled long hairstyles will do. There are some great models and ideas for 2020. These hairstyles are of course applied to women who don’t want their long texture make them look plain and boring. This long hair-do is quite simple. Let the hair loose and add some waves the soft ones to make the overall look interesting. The waves can start from the middle part around the ears and work toward the end. It will be a great idea to add highlights so different streaks can deliver fresher look. With central hair part, the look is amazing yet simple.

Wavy Hairstyle

Photo by Alana Mediavilla

This style is basically almost the same as the first one, but whereas the first model is using small and soft curls, this style is using big waves. The overall style that is shown by Mila Kunis may seem simple, but it has its own attractive style. Let the hair go loose, and start the waves from the middle. The styling should seem as if the waves were the extension from the straight hair on the upper crown, so the overall look seems flowing and smooth. When it is paired up with central hair part, the overall look is chic, stylish, and feminine.

Straight Long Hairstyles

Photo by Brooke Cagle

Straight long hair can also be a great option for those with healthy and shiny hair. Simply let the hair goes loose and that’s it! To have such shiny and beautiful straight hair, don’t forget to add conditioner and moisturizer after washing it; they will keep the shiny and maintain the hair to stay smooth and soft. To avoid looking plain, consider having highlights with lighter colors from the natural hair color, so the overall outcome will be interesting. Pair it up with central hair parting and it will look just stylish. Or consider having full dramatic bangs for even dramatic appearance.