Long haircuts are offering great flexibility and freedom in styling up the hair. You can choose to let go of your hair just like that, have an up-do, tie it down, and so many more. These kinds of hairstyles are easy to achieve and you don’t necessarily have to do lots of great efforts. There are also different kinds of styles that you can pull up if you have certain facial structures that make you different from other people. if you want to take a look around, there are great examples that you can imitate and copy so you can have stylish look.

Long Haircuts for Round Faces

Photo by Kirill Balobanov

Long haircut is certainly great for round faces. The length will cover up the roundness, especially if you are able to cut your hair in layers. There are great examples from the Hollywood celebrities.

  • Emma Stone. She has round face, but she always looks great when she styles her hair. Even with an up-do, she can look great because she likes to have strands of hair that covers up the side part softly. Her side swept bangs also plays important role in it.
  • Kelly Osbourne. She manages to look great by having unique hairstyle. By having longer upper crown, she is able to make her face look longer.

Long Haircuts with Layers

Photo by Jessica Dabrowski 

The layers are usually becoming the most common options for celebrities to soften their look while styling up their hair-do.

  • Eva Longoria. She was born with natural brown color with great shine for her long hair. With layers, she is able to make herself look feminine and sexy.
  • Miley Cyrus. Right before she cut her hair, Miley has very nice and healthy long hair with layers, which suit her teen look and deliver innocence look.
  • Ashley Tisdale. The blonde actress has long hair with layers, so she looks stylish and nice without too many efforts. The layers also add volume to her fair hair.