If you want to try something different, there are several hair color ideas 2020 guidance to help you find out the perfect match for you. The 2020 hair color and style are the continuation from the 2019, so there won’t be too much difference concerning the style. However, lots of beauty experts predict that the 2020 will be a year where bolder colors or edgier cutting will be the popular trends. If you don’t want to look boring and you want to look stand out among the others, here are several ideas that you can try.

The Ombre Style

Photo by Jessica Dabrowski

The Ombre style is a stylish option to make you look different without being so overwhelming or overly dramatic. You can use two or three different color tones in order to make yourself look different without doing it too much. The perfect example of such style is Rachel Bilson, where she keeps her natural dark brown color for the upper crown and then she applies lighter brown toward the ends. A more contrast look can be seen from Whitney Port hair style, where she keeps her brown color at the upper side, but she wear lighter brown blonde. The difference is immediate, yet it’s stylish and classy; not cheap and cheesy.

The Reverse Ombre

Photo by Autri Taheri

The Reverse Ombre is the opposite of the regular Ombre. You need to apply lighter colors on your upper crown and use darker hues toward the end. As the Ombre, you can use two or three different tones to have such stunning look. You can have pale blonde on the upper crown, lighter brown blonde for the middle part, and dark brown or even black at the bottom side. It doesn’t matter whether you want to cut your hair long or short; these different color arrangement can be applied and it can certainly make you look different in such simple ways.

The Rainbow

Photo by Jessica Dabrowski 

You don’t necessarily have to die all your hair with the rainbow colors, if you don’t want to be so dramatic. You can apply the rainbow colors on different strands and streaks so all the colors will be on your hair without you exaggerating it. if you want to make your rainbow colors noticeable, you can dye your hair in pale blonde or light brown, then apply the rainbow colors as highlights. Your hair will be colorful in stylish manner.

The Dipped Ends

Photo by Kari Shea 

In dipped ends style, you only color the ends of your hair. It is up to you to choose one color hue only or several different tones. If you want to have dipped ends rainbow style, it means that you will color your hair in different colors only on the ends. If you want to have regular dipped ends, you can choose one hue only. But if you want to create dramatic effect, you can consider having purple, pink, or green dipped ends.

The Extreme

Photo by Ali Yahya

If you want to be noticeable right away or you really want to make other people turn heads whenever you walk by, consider having extreme and uncommon colors, such as pink, purple, or blue to cover up your hair. Such styles seem to work well on Kelly Osborne and Katy Perry.