Beauty experts have predicted that the hair style and colors for the 2020 will be basically just the same as the 2019. However, some styling will be bolder, reaching out to the color options as well. The hair colors for 2020 are predicted to be bolder and edgier, encouraging people to show off their wild, rebellious, and mysterious sides. If you are interested to know more about the upcoming trends, you can view the various options that suit your personality.

The Brunette

Photo by JodyHongFilms

Brunette is one of the long lasting and elegant examples of the classy hair color. It is simple and it is certainly suitable for those who have warm skin complexion. Here’re the details.

  • If you have medium tan skin and your eyes have darker shade, warm brunette is certainly the color that you need.
  • However, if you want to avoid boredom, be sure to add some styles into the color.
  • Consider adding streaks of highlights with lighter or even darker shades. Brunette with coffee streaks will look good in such simple manner.
  • If you want to go bolder, choose black or blonde streaks. That should catch everyone’s attention. Rachel Bilson is one celebrity that always includes streaks of highlights into her brown hair without exaggerating it. Keira Knightley often uses lighter brown colors, such as coffee or pale brown to add the highlight streaks.

The Bright and Sunny Blonde

Photo by Tamara Bellis

One of the examples of bright and sunny blonde is the hair do worn by Britney Spears and Demi Lovato. When they become judges on the X-Factor show, they wear the bright blonde coloring with different shades. Britney’s somehow lighter and brighter than Demi’s with her warmer tone. Bright and sunny blondes can deliver this refreshing and cheerful feeling that can make your face light up, but be sure to try the color first with temporary coloring before you finally decide the permanent one. With the bright bonder style, whatever hair style you do will complement you nicely.

The Darker Shade

Photo by Suhyeon Choi

If you want to really try something new, go with the darker shades such as black. Even the dark auburn can be a great option when you have the right complexion. Darker hair is somehow mysterious and appealing; just like the shade used by Nicole Scherzinger. She has natural black hair, but if you want to try it, be sure to consult your hairstylist first. Darker tone can be really sexy especially if you have brown, tanned complexion. It should suit your appearance nicely without overdoing it. Darker hair is best styled I loose and messy manner. Take examples from the hair do from Kirsten Stewart and you can get the idea.

Experiments and Trials

It is okay to do lots of experiments and trials to find the best colors for your hair. After all, the 2020 is the time when you should be bolder and braver. Try alternating colors until you finally come up with the perfect hues. If you don’t want to damage your hair, use the semi permanent colors that can be washed off easily.