The 2020 is just around the corner and everyone has been busy predicting what the upcoming fashion trend will be. The fuss about the new fashion items isn’t only limited to the clothes or apparel, but also to the hair style and the colors. Hair is an important part of the fashion statement and 2020 hair trends; it is just normal if you want to look chic, stylish, and professional at the same time. If you want to know the trends for hair color 2020, there are some things that you can consider about.

The Continuous Trend

Basically, the hair style and cut won’t be too much different from the ones in 2019. However, the style and the color arrangement will be bolder, edgier, and more creative. Short pixie hair like the one worn by Emma Watson will still be a popular hair style in the 2020, but if you want to make a serious fashion statement, you can tweak the style by adding new colors.

Photo by Don Agnello

If your hair is blonde, adding streaks of darker hair will make your appearance look different – and certainly bolder. You can choose black streaks or red streaks to make immediate impact. If you truly want to make yourself different from the others, consider having completely unusual colors like purple, green, or orange for the streaks. No one can really copy your style.

The Combination of Cuts and Colors

Again, you can keep your hair style just the way it is. If you previously wear your straight long hair with bangs, you can continue doing so. But if you want to avoid dull and plain look, add colors to your hair. You can color your bangs only, to create such dramatic effect. If you like the ‘conventional style, consider having highlights.

Photo by JoelValve

if you have brunette hair, choosing red or auburn highlights can make you look different without being so dramatic. But if you truly want something different, consider combining several bright colors right away for your highlights. You can combine green, purple, and blue, for example, for the highlight. It would make you look edgy and you can create this punk-emo style on your own.

Go Safe or Bold?

Of course, when choosing for the right hair color, many hair stylists suggest using the suitable colors matching your personality. For example, red usually represents fiery spirit, while black usually represent exotic look. You can always go ‘safe’ by choosing natural and neutral colors.

Honeydew, strawberry blonde, or black are the common options if you want to go neutral. But if you want to change your look and your feel brave and bold to do so, go for unconventional and unnatural colors. Combining orange and purple may seem odd, but it can create immediate effects and change for your appearance.

Of course, you need to consult your hair stylist if you don’t want to make wrong decision. If you are still trying to figure out the best hair colors for 2020 for you, consider using semi permanent coloring that you can wash off easil