In the movie 2012 earth is portrayed to have a global catastrophe that will wipe out almost all living being in its surface beside several lucky people that get into some kind of “Noah Ark” in the top of mount Himalayas. According to the yeast calendar now it is June 2020 and, god forbid, there is no real indication that the world’s going to end anytime soon. Now if we can forget the whole Mayan catastrophe behind let’s celebrate life and talk about pleasant thing such as new hairstyles 2020 trend, shall we?

Photo by Hazzel Silva

If you are closely follow the fashion world, the catwalks, the magazines, the internet and so on you might find similar trend: The short hairstyles back on top again. You can find various variations of short hair such as pixie crop, bob, razor cut bobs, and blunt bangs were sported by various models and celebrities to freshen the fashion industry. There are several factors that support this trend tendency such as the impression that it’s in line with women empowerment, and the classic simplicity and flexibility features that you can always get with short hairstyles.

The Reasons

Why the short haircut has the impression that empowers the women? Well the most obvious reason is the simplicity. Short hairstyles are way easier to maintain compared to long locks, it’s simple and it took less time to prepare an activity if you have short hair. With less time wasted for preparation and maintenance women could be more active in conducting their daily activity while still also embrace their feminine side by looking cute and chic with the short hairstyles. That’s empowerment.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon

In term of flexibility, the short hairstyles can be worn appropriately to almost every kind of occasions; whether it’s as formal as a gala dinner or as wild as college meeting party. For example you can style your short hair with a really straight bob-style that will give you sleek look in more formal event and then adding more flair with tousled and razor cut when you are attending more informal occasion. There also other fashion statement represented by the short hairstyles such as: the freedom, the young and adventurous soul and the readiness to take day to day challenges.

The Variations

Photo by Scott Webb

There are several variations you can choose when you have short hair cut:

  • The first is the blunt bangs. You can try this style perfectly if you have a square face shape. The hairstyle can also help you balance out your high cheek bones, if you have one. This kind of hairstyle gives a modern and sleek look.
  • Pixie crop; if you are a woman with excellent one structure as well as feminine facial features you should try the pixie crop. The hairstyle was made popular by a 60s British star Twiggy and know supported by the new breed of sexy British actress: Emma Watson as well as Michelle Williams and Mia Wasikowska.
  • Bob: The hairstyle and its variations are classic: they are lot you can choose such as inverted bob, cropped bob or even soft curl bob.