There are some lovely choices for the fall 2020 hair trends for women that you can pick up. You can also see the example images from the celebrities who wear the style. Just because it is fall and it is about to snow soon, it doesn’t mean that you can’t look stylish and good looking. Who says fall is only about gloominess and dark mood?

The Blunt Bang

Bang can be annoying and hot when it is summer, but since it is fall, you can comfortably wear the style without having to cut your beloved lock. I find certain similarities or fall hairstyles 2020 over the last few years; it seems that blunt bang always becomes hip again during fall. Believe it or not, having a blunt bang can really change your appearance without you having to spend a fortune or do extravagant makeover. See the examples of Rachel Weiss or Sandra Bullock with their bangs. Not only they look different – a bit mysterious, in my opinion – they also look very fashionable and young. Just try it on with straight hair and you can look amazing in such simple way.

The Low Volume

Photo by Justin Essah

If you like going back to the 70s style, this low volume is the best option. Take examples from Lindsay Lohan. Basically, you don’t need to do high maintenance with this cut as it mixes up Boho and messy style. It is perfect for wavy or curly texture as you only need to squeeze the towel to let moisture out and that’s it!

The Tidy Ponytail

Photo by lexie janney

On the contrary with the messy low volume, you need to have straight hair to have this style. Take example from Sandra Bullock hair do on the red carpets. This tidy ponytail is good for formal occasions or casual one – let some streaks of hair to escape the ponytail so you don’t look too uptight.