The copper hairstyles are great if you are confident about your look and your style. It is sassy and vibrant. If you were born with natural copper color – or you may change your natural color into copper – you are guaranteed to make heads turn because the color is so bright and screaming for attention. There are different kinds of cuts or hairstyles that you can try if you want to enhance your look. You don’t need to do drastic work or extravagant one; just be sure that the cuts are suitable with your facial features and you will be just fine.

Photo by Hannah Gullixson

The Short Copper Hairstyles

There are different kinds of cuts and styling that you can choose when you have short hair.

  • Pixie cut. Having pixie cut will definitely bring attention to your hair and your overall look. Not only the color will enhance the overall look, the right pixie cut will make your appearance look stunning.
  • The cropped bob. Cropped bob can look great with copper color. whether you decide to have plain cut or layered one, this kind of style will just look great on you.
  • The choppy cut. Choppy cut can deliver this rebellious look that suits greatly with the copper color.

The Long Copper Hairstyles

Photo by Nyana Stoica

Having long copper hairstyles offer more flexibility and easiness in managing your hair. There are some options that you can choose:

  • The wavy style. You can consider adding waves or curls to your hair to create more dramatic effect to your overall look. whether you choose bigger curls or ringlets, be sure that this style will just look great on you.
  • The layered straight. You can come with straight hair-do with layers to even create this bombastic effect. Consider having it with full bangs to deliver perfect and dramatic effect.
  • The emo style. Although emo is usually done for black haired people, who says you can’t grab attention with the red color?