The Hairstyles 2020 seem to have Choppy bob hairstyles as one of the Choppy Hairstyles 2020 trend. Not only Halle berry that makes her back with a short hair style but also Rhianna and Cameron Diaz that become even sexier with their short hair cut. Either for formal or casual occasions, a choppy bob cut can make you look great with or without bangs.

Choppy Bob

Photo by NordWood Theme

Take Cameron Diaz’s choppy bob hairstyle for example. Her hair stylish, Lona Vigi, astonishingly pick this perfect and sexy. This type of haircut can be applied to women of any age. When applied to either straight or a fairly wavy hair, choppy bob cut works its best. Vigi lets the bangs to fall over Diaz’s nose bottom to get its sexiest length by let the layers frame her face. Vigi gets this effect by misting the wet hair on a texturizing spray with a small vented brush and at the same time blow-drying Diaz’s bangs to one side and lets the rest of the hair air-dry. The bang illusion is captured at the time they swept over the forehead. Use the ends that linger just above her chin. This will compliment Diaz’s round face. On the contrary, a face with a square jaw needs to have the bob fall below your chin. The jagged ends create a cheery bob look for Diaz. Additionally, an extremely thick hair will look its best with long layers. So, does this spark you any ideas in transforming into a new look by having a choppy bob hairstyle?

To Sum up

Photo by Alex Perez

Halle Berry, Rihana or Cameron Diaz look good with their choppy bobs, you might as well. With or without bangs, medium lengths, extremely long, short, curly, or straight wear, it is important to consult your hairstylist which can give you your best hairdo for your particular face shape.