To help you decide which kind of brown hair color to use for your hair, you should have check on the brown hair color chart first. By using the hair chart you can see various shades of brown that you can choose from depending to your own personal preferences. You can get the hair chart at any hair salon or beauty shop, it is recommended to ask professional for the best shades of brown you can combine to create the perfect hair color for you.

Photo by Aw Creative

These hair charts are published mostly by big hair care products company such as Clariol, Loreal hair color chart, or Garnier so you can also use it as guide to buy the preferred shades. After you get the shades you want, the next step is to find the right brown hairstyle that will suit your personality and complement your general appearance. Here we have two hairstyles that can be used as reference for your brown hairstyles: the whimsical modern curl and the Working girl curl.

The Whimsical Modern Curl

Photo by Elia Pellegrini

This fun hairstyle has whimsical look that make you look fresh and playful. The main feature of this hairstyle is the contrast between the smooth soft roots with the cute curls on the end of your hair. To help balancing the curls and the smooth look this hairstyle has a long swept bang that also helps to frame the face.

To get the hairstyle you can follow this instruction:

  • Curl your hair using a 1” or larger curling iron, or use diffuser for women who has natural curly hair
  • Keep the curl tight by using hairspray before and after curling the hair.
  • Add texture with your finger to finish the styling.

For the perfect result you can use EXXUS Mousse Plus from Nexxus to hold and tame frizz hair while you diffuse it.

The Working Girl Curl

Photo by Daniel Bounliane

You think that long and unruly hair has no appeal whatsoever or impossible to style? Try this working girl hairstyle:

  • First you use hairstyling product like Morocceanoil Hydrating Styling Cream to help you style the hair
  • The next step is to use wide tooth comb in order to detangle the curly hair.
  • Use a diffuser with high heat and low flow setting to dry your hair up to 90%
  • Use a shine spray like the Paul Mitchell Shine Spray to tame the small amount of frizz left
  • And lastly use DevaCurl Flexible Finishing Spray to finish the styling