The New Year 2020 will come in a very short time; therefore we will have a peek on some hot black hairstyles 2020. Fashion trendsetter observe that the black hairstyle next year will offer much more versatility and variant as the arrival of the latest hair treatment product that enable black hair to retain its moisture and prevent hair damage. Latest trend also shows that more people sporting more progressive black hairstyles such as short bob with the addition of extra curls for extra flair. You can also try the sexy pixie black hair that will make you look hot as the summer.

Photo by Sacha Styles

The very first in our hot black hairstyles 2020 is the layered black pixie hairstyles. If you are feeling confident and want to show a different, more chic and progressive, version of yourself then the layered black pixie hairstyles could be the perfect choice for you. This hairstyle has characteristic to bring out the best feature while also able to cover the flaw subtly. Another upside aspect from this hairstyle is it simplicity as well as versatility; you can make simple change that can give different feeling to your look. If you want to add more flair to your short layered black pixie hair you can add some hair color 2020 to it, simple and chic. One of the most famous celebrities sporting this hairstyle is Emma Watson who looks dazzling with her pixie hair.

Photo by Tamas Pap

Next hairstyle that could be the trend at 2020 is shiny black razor cut bob with the addition of long bangs. The hairstyle is a variation of shoulder length bob hairstyles and slightly longer bangs that make your appearance look sleeker and sophisticated. The razor cut on your bangs that make it barely touch your eyelashes will make you looks fabulous. Consider this hairstyle as one of the hottest black hairstyles 2020.