Most people say that it is a bit tricky to pull up trendy and fashionable woman hairstyles 2020, but you can actually achieve the well-suited look if you know what to expect. There are lots of different hairstyles for different personalities, age groups, and also styles, but if you want to look elegant without overdoing it, there are several main hairstyles that you can choose.

For the Straight Hair

When you want to cut your hair short, bob is always considered as the best cut, but there are different types of bobs for different kinds of hair types and textures. For example, if you have normal and regular texture, with petite or medium facial feature, the regular bob can be the perfect choice for you. If you have hair thinning issue or blunt hair cut that looks odd on you, having the graduated layered bob will be the best choice for you. Blunt bob accompanied by blunt bangs will also be a suitable choice for you if you are thinking about having total changes. If you previously have longer hair length and you aren’t really sure about cutting your hair very short, consider having medium length cut with layered texture. It will make you look different without changing your overall feature drastically.

For the Wavy or Curly Hair

Photo by Valeriia Kogan

When you have wavy or curly hair, cutting it in medium length will be a good choice. You can style your hair in the glam old Hollywood or really let your curls goes down, without tying or pulling it into ponytails. Sometimes letting you waves let loose in such messy style can really make you look refresh and different. You can see some of the examples from the celebrity pictures.

What’s important in doing the hairstyles 2020 is that you keep your hair healthy, so be sure to pay attention to the right styling technique, the shampoo, and also the conditioner.