Great hair color that follows the latest trend is one thing for sure that leaves good impression. That’s why, you and other women have to find the best fitted one to. Now, this post will reveal the upcoming 2020 trends and predictions. Just like this year or years before, good color has to fit the skin tone. Like this lovely dark blonde that is perfect for white and Latin-white skin tone. It simply appears gorgeous for daily use. Soft highlight will be great addition to make the hair more alive and textured. It is recommended to get around 3 shade darker color to the skin tone.

Classic Brunette

Photo by Paul Siewert

Brunette is vast hair color indeed. It ranges from dark to light tones. It is mostly associated as darker version of blonde. Try to get this wonderful red brunette that looks nice for light skin tone. Compared to blonde, brunette has more classic appearance that that transforms you to be one of the women from Middle Age. It doesn’t mean that you look old or odd. Instead, it makes you unique. It allows you to have ravishing look. And, it matches your blue or green eyes making you look elegant.

Reddish Hair Color

Photo by Allef Vinicius

Maybe you have been confused of finding the right color for your considerably pale skin tone, the one that isn’t too in contrast with skin tone. This time, you will be lucky knowing the reddish colors exactly match your need. The colors are simply classy. They shine beautifully when sunshine gets on your hair allowing you to get more attentions when you’re out. In the afternoon, they are perfect to match with any dress colors. The darker red is more suitable to more pale skin tone. You may want to do highlight as well to make it more alive. Women with gray eyes will be perfectly beautiful with it.