You may be included within the lists of women who think that fall or winter is the perfect time to change the hair style to refresh your look, so there are several options that you can make in the 2020 fall hair trends. Some of the trends may be classical; some may be new. But they are surely able to improve your look and make your old appearance become different in such simple yet stylish manner.

The Textured Sidebraid

Photo by Lindsay McGrath

Braids hairstyles 2020 can be really helpful to aid you through the humid weather and season. If you are bored with the regular braids, the sidebraid can be the greatest option. You may think that the sidebraid is just the same as the regular braid, but the effect can be different. Moreover, sidebraid is suitable for you whether you have very thick or thin hair texture, or whether you have natural straight, wavy, or curly hair. Taylor Swift and Jessica Alba have tried this style and they both look gorgeous. They look young and adorable. It is up to you whether you want to have bangs, side bangs, or no bangs at all.

The Folk Plait from the 1970s Style

Photo by Les Anderson

The folk plait was popular during the hippie style. Well, guess what? It is becoming popular again, especially if you manage to combine it with smoking hot rock and roll make up. This style is suitable for those liking bohemian or hippie style. Simply let your hair loose or rather messing. Have a small single braid at one side – like an Indian princess – and your style for the day has completed. Lindsay Lohan and Kendall Jenner have tried this style and it really worked well on them!

The Twist Hairstyle

Photo by Jernej Graj

If your hair doesn’t have enough thickness to make the sidebraid, then you can try the twist style. The good thing about this style is that you can have it whether you have short or long hair. Amanda Bines has tried this style and she looks like a modern princess.